Thursday, December 17, 2015

Car Emergency Kits

The weather has been great over this “winter season” however even with the temperatures being reasonable there is still a chance your vehicle may break down. When your vehicle breaks down or becomes disabled you want to have a Car Emergency Kit available. There are essentials you want to have in your kit to help keep you safe until help arrives or you are able to get your vehicle to a safe location for repair. Although you can purchase a kit from anywhere for about forty to eighty dollars they may not have everything you need. In the event your vehicle becomes disabled there will be a few things you need to have available in your car emergency kit.  

The first is the obvious you must have your mobile phone charged and a phone charger. In the event your vehicle is unable to charge your phone for any technical reason you have to conserve your phone battery. What I would recommend is to shut down some of your programs on your phone or put your phone in airplane mode turn it on and off as needed. Your mobile phone uses many resources to locate a Wi Fi signal which could weaken your battery quickly.

A first aid kit is very important to have you don’t have to spend much money on a first aid kit. You can purchase a first aid kit for less than ten bucks or make your own. A small first aid kit should have some Band Aids, gauze pads, aspirin, and cream or ointment.

Should your vehicle be stuck on the side of road you need to signal others and first responders of your location. So reflective triangles would be recommended since you can use them at anytime road flares are good but can be a hazard especially if you have leak and honestly during the day it’s not really affective. I always keep bottles of water in my car depending on your situation you may be stuck in a location for a long period of time having water to drink is very important.

Finally, you should have equipment for mechanical situation you can address yourself such as jumper cables, a flash light and foam tire air compressor. The jumper cables you can use to charge your car battery with the changes in the weather you battery may need a jump start. A flashlight is a must in almost all situations make sure your batteries are fresh all the time. The expense would be with a tire air compressor you can use the air compressor over and over again so cost should not be a factor. You can purchase a tire sealant which is much cheaper but you have to be careful of storage of the sealant if you store the sealant in a location outside the prescribed temperatures the sealant may not work and you can only use them once.

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Mark Carvajal 

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