Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Is Venmo Safe?

Venmo is the app you can use to pay for items or exchange monies between friends. The question then is Venmo safe and secure? In my opinion when anything connected to the internet is not completely secure. However, just like any payment app you must take steps to safeguard your banking and credit card information. So, there are some steps to use to help secure your personal information when using this payment app.

When receiving payments especially large payment never hold a large balance on the app. You should transfer this money immediately to a secure account. The Venmo app allows you to share with friend’s payment and what it was for. I would highly recommend keeping all payment private on the app. When transferring monies to a person it should be only people you know. The app connects to your contact on your phone there will be some people who show up on your feed you do not realty know so bare that in mind when exchanging monies. If you must make a purchase, you should use a more secure app like Paypal.

You should add security features such as push, text, email notification as well so you know when monies are being exchanged on your account. You can also set up a PIN that must be entered before the app is opened.

Remember this app is an easy way to exchange monies between friends and that’s how it should be used.

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 Mark Carbajal

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Secure your echo or Alexa

This is the most updated and popular digital assistant. This device is in many homes and it is use for many things such as order food, reading recipes and playing music. We are now connecting many of our house appliances to the device as well like the microwave and refrigerator.  Since we are becoming more dependent on this device to perform many daily functions it would be a good idea to implement some layered security around these devices to protect our digital assistants from a cyber-attack.

Although you can connect your phone apps to you echo device some of your app may have financial information. I would not connect any application on to the echo device with financial information on them especially banks or credit card information. In my opinion we are a long way from allow that type of information to be available on a voice activated device.

The most important step it to make sure your home network is secured. This would mean you have changed the default password to your wireless network. I would recommend using a passphrase as it would be longer and easy for you to remember. When possible, you should have separate Wi fi networks. One for your banking or personal information and the other for your regular stuff like shopping. Always make sure you update firmware and firewall.

When you are changing passwords on your network you should consider changing the wake word on your echo device. You have the option of changing the wake word. This is one I highly recommend because the wake word “Alexa” is already out there. Once a person sees the echo device they automatically know what the wake word is so do yourself a favor change it.

Lastly since the echo device records a short message on every order given I would go in and delete the recordings. I would delete recording on directions to a location, any health issues or banking request made on the echo device.

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Mark Carbajal

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Are home security cameras worth it?

In the past I have written about what types of home security cameras are available and how you should place cameras in your home to record any events which could occur in your home. The question I often get is it worth the investment? My answer is always yes! You want to protect your valuables in your home. Technology has advanced so much that home security camera is not only better but relatively inexpensive, so it would be a good investment. Here are a few other things to consider.

Home security cameras are a great deterrent for criminals. Any cameras you purchase should be mounted security in a valuable location so everyone knows you have made an investment to protect your home when you are not there. There are many all in ones you can use to record any events inside your home which allow you to not only record the event in your home, but you can sound an alarm even use an intercom to speak to persons in your home.  The best thing is most security cameras are very simple to connect to your mobile device.

When it comes to protecting your home the last thing you need to worry about is cost but the fact is you can get a good home security camera for a very little cost less than 100 bucks. The only suggestion is that you purchase a security camera from a reputable company. Now depending on what you are securing in your home you may not need to have a monthly monitoring either you can get a DVR/NVR which could record an event with limits on how long the video will be available for.

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Mark Carbajal

Thursday, February 7, 2019

best way to prevent car theft

This is one that happens often I have seen in many cases when a vehicle is targeted because of valuables left in plain view or because a car was just left unlocked with all the distraction leaving a car unlocked is common. When we enter and leave our personal vehicle we must remember some simple tip to keep our vehicle safe.

The first suggestion is simple secure your vehicle. When you park your vehicle either in the street or in the drive way make sure your windows are closed and the vehicle doors are locked. Some people think it would be ok to leave a window opened or cracked during the summer months, but you are just inviting a theft or break in of your vehicle to take place. So, take a moment before you leave to secure your vehicle.

Another bad habit is leaving your vehicle running for just a second. This is a bad habit as you are also inviting a theft or possible break in of your vehicle. In the winter or colder temperature, we tend to leave our vehicles running to warm up the vehicle. In some states this is a violation. If you must warm up your vehicle you should be inside the vehicle. Never leave the car alone when running.
Any valuables should not be visible for the outside of your vehicle. When you secure your vehicle, your valuables should be secured in the trunk or glove compartment. You do not want to make your vehicle a target. This would include loose change which we tend to keep in the cup holder a very bad habit.

Lastly you should invest in a theft prevention device. We spend so much money on our personal vehicles especially if you park out in the public street. Theft prevention devices are relatively inexpensive and such a great investment to help protect your vehicle.

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Mark Carbajal

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Smart phishing scam

In this day in age of communication we must pay careful attention to the emails we open. It is clear the number one email account is Google or Gmail accounts. The google accounts are easy to open and if you have purchased a mobile device chances are Gmail is one of the account already integrated into your device. So, it should come to no surprise that there is an Gmail phishing scam targeted to Gmail users. Google has taken steps to protect you from this type of attack, but you must have good personal safeguards in place to protect your Gmail account from phishing scams.

In most cases you would be able to identify a phishing scam, but the most recent phishing scam appears slightly different. What scammer does is creates an email with the information of someone you know. Once the email is created they will send you an email with an attachment in hopes you will open it. After you have opened the email and attachment you will be prompted to enter in your username and password again on a very convincing sign in page. The sign in page appears just like a Google sign in page. The fraudster in this case have gone to great lengths make the logo and tag appear to come from Google.

To safeguard from this attack of any others phishing scams is to not access the account through the email sent to you. When you receive an email from any account you have your best bet is not to open the attachment and then go directly to your account then log in to see what must be address. You will get emails from banks, credit card and other accounts alerting you to check your account for one reason or another do not be alarmed. If there is a concern just contact the organization directly do not use the attachment sent you.

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Mark Carbajal 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Can your smartphone if infected by malware infect your other home connected devices?

The short answer is yes if your phone is infected with some type of malware you can affect devices on your home network. You want to make sure your devices are separated so in my case I have some devices connected to the router other that are not connected. This is an added layer pf protection for me, but this may not work for you, so you must have good home polices in place to protect your home network. When you decide to download pictures, programs or attachments from the internet in when you open your network to possible malware.  

You must think of your phone just like any desk top computer or laptop it can get infected. Since we have most of our information on our smartphones they are the main target.  We have gotten away from the traditional computing because we tend to keep more personal information on our mobile devices.

The most common method of infecting your mobile device is bad apps. When you download an application, there may be malware embedded in the code. Therefore, it is important to do your research on any important apps you want to down load. I normally read the reviews and ask myself to do I really need this app. I strongly recommend staying away from using any banking apps on your phone.  They are highly targeted by hackers.

Do not download any attachments form your email to your phone. This is another way malicious code could be downloaded on to your phone save the space for something more important. Most attachments take up space on your phone.

The last one is SMS messages or website addresses. When you get an SMS message with a website attached do not open it especially if you do not know who the sender is this is another method use to infect your mobile device with malware. 

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Mark Carbajal

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The biggest cyber security risk

So we read all these articles and look into ways to protect our computers and networks form possible security threats. We invest in antivirus protection, firewalls and come up with crazy passwords. While all these measures are all good the biggest problem is the end user.  We are the biggest problem in exposing ourselves to any cyber-attack.  This is why companies train their employee over and over again on best practices when using the internet.  So we must develop safe internet habits as well to protect our home computers and networks.

When you decide to check out a website you should check for the HTTPS in the beginning of the web page or Hypertext Transfer Protocol the last S stand for secure. This is the protocol for sending data between your browser and the website. On the far left on the top of your screen you should see the secure with a lock on it to further give you an indication of how secure the website is. If the lock is missing then leave the site.

Your email is the worst place and how most viruses enter your computer. So you need to have a plan in place what I normally do is any emails I do not know I delete them immediately and black them. When I get a notification about one of my accounts I will not use the link provided I will delete the email as well then visit the website I was contacted about and check it directly. I do not open any attachments unless I am expecting some type of document and if I do have to download anything I download it to an external file first run a virus scan then review it.

If you are not creative in making a hard to decipher password then I would invest in a password generator or check out my article on passphrases which in my opinion are much better to use and easier to remember then just creating an easy or hard to remember password.  I would highly recommend a 2 layer password method as well.

This is a simple plan to use when you are home.

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Mark Carbajal