Thursday, April 18, 2019

home buying scams

This is the season of buying or selling homes. Here is when you will start to get calls from prospective investors or companies who are looking to invest in a certain town or properties. It is important to verify anyone who would contact you especially out of now where. They may send you a mailing or call you on your phone in attempt to gain your trust and access to your information or worst take your money.

When you sell your home, it is so you can make some money on the sale. So, when you are asked to provide money upfront for processing fees then this is a sign you may be dealing with a scammer. They may ask for administrative fees which could range from 200 dollars to about 1000 dollars. When an offer is made on your home it will be in writing. Once the offer is made it will be up to you to accept or deny the offer. Once there has been an agreed upon price then you will get your money.

The buyer is too eager to buy. This is another tell sign you may be dealing with a scammer. You get and email or a phone call from a person who stated they are interested in purchasing your home because they are relocating, and they must move immediately, or they haven’t even looked at your property. I don’t care who it is if they haven’t requested pictures or seen the home chances are they have no intention of buying your home they want to see what information or monies they can get from you.

Lastly when you are contacted by a “we buy old homes “company you must do your homework. We can verify most information on companies online. Chances are there will be some type of verifiable information online you could check if you get a bad feeling about the company or the person you are dealing with go with your gut and don’t do business with them.

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Mark Carbajal

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