Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Is Venmo Safe?

Venmo is the app you can use to pay for items or exchange monies between friends. The question then is Venmo safe and secure? In my opinion when anything connected to the internet is not completely secure. However, just like any payment app you must take steps to safeguard your banking and credit card information. So, there are some steps to use to help secure your personal information when using this payment app.

When receiving payments especially large payment never hold a large balance on the app. You should transfer this money immediately to a secure account. The Venmo app allows you to share with friend’s payment and what it was for. I would highly recommend keeping all payment private on the app. When transferring monies to a person it should be only people you know. The app connects to your contact on your phone there will be some people who show up on your feed you do not realty know so bare that in mind when exchanging monies. If you must make a purchase, you should use a more secure app like Paypal.

You should add security features such as push, text, email notification as well so you know when monies are being exchanged on your account. You can also set up a PIN that must be entered before the app is opened.

Remember this app is an easy way to exchange monies between friends and that’s how it should be used.

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 Mark Carbajal

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