Thursday, February 21, 2019

Secure your echo or Alexa

This is the most updated and popular digital assistant. This device is in many homes and it is use for many things such as order food, reading recipes and playing music. We are now connecting many of our house appliances to the device as well like the microwave and refrigerator.  Since we are becoming more dependent on this device to perform many daily functions it would be a good idea to implement some layered security around these devices to protect our digital assistants from a cyber-attack.

Although you can connect your phone apps to you echo device some of your app may have financial information. I would not connect any application on to the echo device with financial information on them especially banks or credit card information. In my opinion we are a long way from allow that type of information to be available on a voice activated device.

The most important step it to make sure your home network is secured. This would mean you have changed the default password to your wireless network. I would recommend using a passphrase as it would be longer and easy for you to remember. When possible, you should have separate Wi fi networks. One for your banking or personal information and the other for your regular stuff like shopping. Always make sure you update firmware and firewall.

When you are changing passwords on your network you should consider changing the wake word on your echo device. You have the option of changing the wake word. This is one I highly recommend because the wake word “Alexa” is already out there. Once a person sees the echo device they automatically know what the wake word is so do yourself a favor change it.

Lastly since the echo device records a short message on every order given I would go in and delete the recordings. I would delete recording on directions to a location, any health issues or banking request made on the echo device.

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Mark Carbajal

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