Thursday, February 14, 2019

Are home security cameras worth it?

In the past I have written about what types of home security cameras are available and how you should place cameras in your home to record any events which could occur in your home. The question I often get is it worth the investment? My answer is always yes! You want to protect your valuables in your home. Technology has advanced so much that home security camera is not only better but relatively inexpensive, so it would be a good investment. Here are a few other things to consider.

Home security cameras are a great deterrent for criminals. Any cameras you purchase should be mounted security in a valuable location so everyone knows you have made an investment to protect your home when you are not there. There are many all in ones you can use to record any events inside your home which allow you to not only record the event in your home, but you can sound an alarm even use an intercom to speak to persons in your home.  The best thing is most security cameras are very simple to connect to your mobile device.

When it comes to protecting your home the last thing you need to worry about is cost but the fact is you can get a good home security camera for a very little cost less than 100 bucks. The only suggestion is that you purchase a security camera from a reputable company. Now depending on what you are securing in your home you may not need to have a monthly monitoring either you can get a DVR/NVR which could record an event with limits on how long the video will be available for.

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Mark Carbajal


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