Thursday, February 7, 2019

best way to prevent car theft

This is one that happens often I have seen in many cases when a vehicle is targeted because of valuables left in plain view or because a car was just left unlocked with all the distraction leaving a car unlocked is common. When we enter and leave our personal vehicle we must remember some simple tip to keep our vehicle safe.

The first suggestion is simple secure your vehicle. When you park your vehicle either in the street or in the drive way make sure your windows are closed and the vehicle doors are locked. Some people think it would be ok to leave a window opened or cracked during the summer months, but you are just inviting a theft or break in of your vehicle to take place. So, take a moment before you leave to secure your vehicle.

Another bad habit is leaving your vehicle running for just a second. This is a bad habit as you are also inviting a theft or possible break in of your vehicle. In the winter or colder temperature, we tend to leave our vehicles running to warm up the vehicle. In some states this is a violation. If you must warm up your vehicle you should be inside the vehicle. Never leave the car alone when running.
Any valuables should not be visible for the outside of your vehicle. When you secure your vehicle, your valuables should be secured in the trunk or glove compartment. You do not want to make your vehicle a target. This would include loose change which we tend to keep in the cup holder a very bad habit.

Lastly you should invest in a theft prevention device. We spend so much money on our personal vehicles especially if you park out in the public street. Theft prevention devices are relatively inexpensive and such a great investment to help protect your vehicle.

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Mark Carbajal

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