Thursday, December 3, 2015

Internet Security Software

In recent weeks we have heard that Cyber-Attack’s are on the rise. This year alone Vtech a children’s toy company, Primera Blue Cross and Anthem both health insurer companies, and last year Staples and Home Depot were victims of a cyber attack. In all cases images, customer’s private information and credit card information were taken from the company operated systems.

We as everyday users of the internet must do the best we can to protect our personal information from cyber attacks. Should we ignore the threat of a cyber-attack there may be a day when you check your bank account or a post on Face book and you may be shocked to find your bank account is empty or a risqué post on your Face book account by then it’s too late to do anything about it you have been the victim of a cyber-attack. Fortunately, there are many Internet Security Software programs you can choose from they offer the same online protection with different features. I think it is important to have a basic understanding of the features offered. They all offer a form of layered protection in their programming. I will provide an overview on each layer as a reminder when it comes to any form of security using a layered system is the best choice.

In most Internet Security Software there a few layers of security. The Internet Security Software companies have done all the work for you but what do you actually need to protect your device? The fire wall is the first line of defense this is the gate keeper, it monitors all your running applications and traffic.  Then you have an Anti-spam this helps to block illegal or unsolicited emails. A parent control feature may be available this allows parents to set controls on their computers for children so certain content can be blocked. Some of the things you can control are time limits for use of the device. So children can only log in to devices at certain times and certain game content can be blocked. 

The last part of Internet Security Software is back up and tune up. You have to check to see if this layer of protection is offered not all Internet Security Software offer this type of protection. In my opinion the best way to protect your information on your computer is to back up your information on an external device separate from the internet. The tune up feature is more like a maintenance it will clear browsing history and delete temporary files on your computer.

I hope having a better understanding on Internet Security Software helps you make the right choice when it comes to protecting information on your computer.

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Mark Carvajal