Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Exterior SecurityLighting

One of the best deterrents from a burglary is exterior security lighting. A dark home is a perfect target for a burglar. There are many challenges when placing exterior lights around your home such as cost and a power source in the vicinity of where you want to place the lights. There have been many improvements over time on some of exterior lights so installation is very easy and cost efficient. You can purchase exterior lights at a very low cost the average of exterior lights begins at about $30.00. You can purchase a package of exterior lights a little higher cost.  Installation of exterior lights in no way replaces having a home burglar system however for the best results to protecting your home from intruders is having layered protection exterior lighting is another layer of home protection.

Exterior lighting should be places at the main access points and equipped with a motion sensor. A few  examples on where the lighting should be placed is the  main entrance, the back entrance and a hallway leading towards the back yard you should consider any dark spots in the front and back yard area. The sides of the home should be considered as well one light on the side of your home would be a great deterrent for possible intruders. In most cases placement of exterior light is limited because there may not be a power source nearby.  Fortunately there are many battery and solar power exterior lights you can use to make your home look bright at night.

When you decided on the location of your exterior lights make sure they are high enough so they could not be tampered yet low enough to illuminate the area efficiently. Exterior lights that use wires at the power source the wires should not be visible to the public. A possible intruder would attempt to disable your exterior lights by cutting the wires.

Finally, don’t make things easy for intruders by not maintaining your exterior lighting properly. Any bulbs found not working should be replaced immediately. The exterior lights that are hard wired conduct frequent checks to make sure the wires are not damaged in anyway. when regular maintenance is ignored for long periods of time it makes the exterior lighting a useless deterrent. 

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  1. Great article Mark, proper exterior lighting is a must for home and business.

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    This is a great point having well placed exterior lights would help protect both a home and a business

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