Monday, July 11, 2016

What is a heat wave?

I hope we are all doing well after our recent heat wave, when you hear about a heat wave there are a few things you should do so your are prepared to endure the heatwave until it’s over. In most cases we have a general idea when a heat wave will be over but in some cases the high temperatures may linger for a prolonged period of time. There are a few preparations you can make in order to keep cool during the heat wave.

When a heat wave is pending you will hear a few terms used to describe the heat wave. The first will be an excessive heat watch this when the weather conditions are favorable for excessive heat normally within a 24 to 72 hour period. Another term you will hear is a heat advisory this is when the day time highs will be above 100 for about one or two days. The last term you will hear is excessive heat warning this is when the temperatures will be well above 100 for at least two days or longer.

So what do you do during a heat wave?? First you should plan ahead make sure you have plenty of water available for consumption. Drink often even if you do not feel like drinking any water drink some anyway. Wear loose fitting clothing during a heat wave style does not matter avoid dark clothing. When you decide to have something to eat try and eat small meals and more often.  Never leave children or pets inside a locked vehicle.  Stay indoors if possible conduct frequent checks on your neighbors remember the elderly, young and overweight they tend to become victims of excessive heat. Most cities prepare for heat wave conditions and will established cooling station so check with you local elected representatives for cooling stations and there locations.

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Mark Carvajal 

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