Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Package theft prevention tips

In a recent news article there was a report on a person who stole a home delivery package from the front of someone home. Fortunately the home owner had a video camera in place and law enforcement was able to use the video evidence to find the suspect who took the package. This type of theft normal occurs in the during the holiday season and the worst feeling in the world is to have a package you were expecting to be stolen from the front of your home. we are fortunate that technology and delivery services provide way to secure your package to prevent theft. There are a few steps you can take in order to secure a package prior to delivery to your home if you do not have a video camera in place although I would highly recommend having a CCTV system in place at your home. Here are some suggestions on how to secure your packages delivered to your home. 

The postal service offers alternate pick up location for your packages. In most cases consumers want the package delivered to their home but it might be advisable to have a package delivered to a pick up location. UPS offers choice members the options to pick up a package at a UPS store, UPS customer center or a UPS access point.  The USPS offers to hold the package at the post office so you have few options available to you to secure your package at a secure location.
When you have a package delivered to your home you should request a signature. There may be a fee associated with this request but at least you know who has your packages and that the package is secured. Another option is to have the delivery sent to your office or work location. You would have to check with your employer if this would be allowable but this could be an alternative option to secure your delivery.

The last suggestion and the one I use the most often is to have family or friend be on the lookout for your package. If you notice when packages is stolen the thief will take the package from the front of your home within a short period of time in most cases they will conduct a check of the area for possible witness or camera before they make the attempt to steal the package from the front of your home. So when the package was dropped off so it would be ideal if a family member or a trusted neighbor secure the package for you immediately. 

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