Thursday, April 6, 2017

Like farming scam

Have you ever heard of like farming? This is when you like a person’s post on a particular subject. The subject could range from fighting cancer or trying to cure huger. They may also post a picture on a social page the will tug at your heart strings so it gets as many likes possible. So what happens is they go through the many like on the post. They scan the likes check your profile see if they can get your information if not they send you an offer or a form for you to fill out in an attempt to get your personal information or send you malicious software.

So an example might be a picture will appear on your feed for all different types of reason such as please give me 1000 likes so I can beat cancer or give me a certain amount of likes for a giveaway. The post will have a picture of the giveaway or a picture of an individual who appears to be sick. What is very disturbing about the pictures is in most cases the pictures were stolen off Facebook without the person permission. Some examples of the giveaway would be a picture of an I phone the Facebook post might say to be part of the giveaway you have to like, share or comment to get the I phone.  Once you have like shared or comment then they will either try to advertise something directly to you via face book about the picture you liked, shared or commented on or they will send you some an offer asking you to enter your personal information about the picture and finally they will just send you a virus. So be careful on what you like, share or comment on in Facebook.

So how do you avoid the scam? First you should always check your Facebook likes often so you are aware of your activity on Facebook. You can do this by going to your settings there will be an option called activity log select it to see your activity. Before you like any posting on Facebook make sure you are aware of the source or who generated the post. Think about it for a minute is clicking like for something on Facebook really going to make difference in any real worthy cause?

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Mark Carvajal 

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