Monday, May 15, 2017

What is a computer ransomware virus?

This is relatively a new type of virus attacking personal computers and large corporations. It is called Ransomeware typically when you think of holding something or someone for ransom you think of a high profile people being the target but in ransomeware anyone responsible for securing large amounts of information on a database could be the target of a virus called ransomeware.

This virus enters your computer the by an error by the end user either by opening up an email with and attachment of a Trojan horse type of virus. It can also be embedded in some programs which come with your computer. Once the virus is in your computer it will shut down your data and your computer in some way then demand a ransom. There are others which will make your computer work slower and then provide you with a link in order for you to pay to have your computer fixed. What the ransomeware is trying to do is to get your personal online information so they can use it to break into your online accounts. Another form of ransom ware is locking out your computer preventing your from logging into your operating system. They will make the lock out page look very official like the division of homeland security or computer locked out by the FBI and the only way you can unlock the computer is by paying an online fine to unlock your computer.

So how do your fix this problem should you be the victim of this type of virus? You can reboot the computer and start it up in safe mode. This will allow you to run your latest antivirus software to remove or isolate the virus. However if this does not work then I would recommend backing your important data prior to any attack to an external USB drive or external drive so your important information can be recovered in the event of a ransomeware attack.  The best way to prevent any attack on your computer is be careful of which information is downloaded, do not open emails you may be Leary of and always keep your antivirus software up to date.

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Mark Carvajal 

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