Thursday, September 7, 2017

Safety school bus

The summer is over and time for our kids to go back to school. So I was traveling in my home town started to see all the school buses gearing up for this school year. I wanted to provide an overview on some school bus safety rules when driving during the high traffic schools hours while the buses are on the road. Moreover I want to stress how important it is to use caution while driving when school in session. We want our children to be safe when getting on or off the school buses this year so must be responsible drivers especially during the school year.

When you see a school bus stopped pay attention to the lights which flash on the bus over the main window. I would think of these lights on the bus the same way you understand the lights on a traffic stop essentially they are the same.  The overhead lights on the school bus in particular when you see them flashing yellow this means you should be prepared to stop your vehicle.  Once you see the yellow flashing lights the next light you will see are the red flashing lights. This means the bus will come to a complete stop the stop sign will open up on the side of the bus. On the button of the window shield are yellow lights. When these lights are flashing this means to proceed with caution.  All these lights are to alert you the driver that children are embarking /disembarking the bus so please keep this in mind.

If a school bus is stopped and you pass the school bus when it is stopped there is a very hefty fine or possible jail time associated with this violation. The fines would depend on where you live but in NJ for example a driver convicted of passing a school bus could be sentenced to up to 15 day in jail or community service.  You have the possibility of having five points assessed as well.

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Mark Carbajal 

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