Thursday, December 21, 2017

How secure is Amazon Echo?

Let be the first to tell you that I love this thing. The Amazon echo is a voice activated device which allows you access to the internet with no need for a computer monitor or keyboard. She is really like a personal assistant she can make calls, store reminders, set timers and even order a pizza. I see this as the wave of the future of completing simple tasks. However just with any Internet of things device I worry about how secure the device is and if we can take the necessary steps to protect our information.

Well in a past post I wrote about the damages of the Mirai malware attack. This is when your wireless home devices is hijacked and used to attack a Domain Name System. So with this in mind I hope that not only amazon but other Internet Of Things devices companies take into account the need for strong security measures to protect all wireless activated the devices. So when your wireless device is in need of a software update to the application keep up with all updates.

The Echo device allows you to take some measures at the device level to protect your privacy. When you are not using the Echo device you can mute the device. This will prevent the Echo from listening to your conversations as the device is always on. When you use the device do not ask it to look into sensitive personal account information or do not connect sensitive accounts to the Echo device. I would eventually connect some simple accounts like Uber but I wouldn’t go any further. Lastly we have the ability to erase all old recordings from the device. You can do this from the Manage my device settings on the Alexa app.

In my opinion if you take these simple steps you will enjoy the Echo devices, the Echo plus comes with a HUB which will enable you to control other wireless devices in your home. I would be selective on what you would decide to connect to the Echo. Simple wireless devices like light bulbs or external plugs but cameras, locks and climate control I would hold off on stick to the old fashion way get up and turn it off or on yourself otherwise enjoy your new Amazon Echo. 

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Mark Carbajal 

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