Thursday, January 11, 2018

NFC security

An NFC or Near Field Communication is the technology which enables your smart device or phone to make wireless payments at the register through your phone. Although this is a very easy and convenient way to make a purchase this is also another access point in which hackers will attempt to penetrate to gain access to your personal and banking information.  The fortunate thing is as long as you use these basic security tips you can protect yourself from outside attacks at the point of sale. On a side note the ease of using NFC is a very secure way of making a payment at the point of sale.

The NFC can be turned on or off so when not in sue you should keep this application on your phone off. Some will allow you to enter a pass code prior to opening up this feature on your phone which will allow you to make a few transactions at a point of sale. So when you turn on the NFC option just make sure you remember to turn it off and keep it off when not in use.

These features are being updated all the time to defend against possible threats of eavesdropping so make sure you keep up with all regular update for your phone. Depending on your cell phone provider if you lose your phone you would have the capability to erase your banking information should your phone fall in the wrong hands. Other services when use a different layer of protection such as you provide your banking information on your application your debit or credit card information is never transmitted at the point of sale. A virtual account is created to represent your account information during the point of sale transaction.

Also remember in order for NFC to transmit the information you have to be very close to the point of sale devices basically centimeters apart so it would be difficult for someone to get that close to you enough to attempt to access your account through and NFC devices.

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