Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Walking to your car at night security

The seasons are changing its colder and the sun is sets early. So chances are if you are a college student or a person who works later you will be walking to your vehicle when it is dark. This is also the time when people start to get busy for the holidays traveling more. You must to take steps to keep yourself safe when walking to your car or when waiting for transportation such as Uber or mass transit.

The number one advice to stay safe is to be alert when walking to your destination. So stay off the cell phones!! When you are getting ready to walk to your car get your things together take time to get your keys in your hand pack your things if you are holding a bag or purse make sure to hold the item securely.  When you are walking to your car you should walk tall and stay the course if you appear to look weak or walk slowly you will make yourself a target.  Stay away from using headphones or wearing clothing that may limit your vision such as wearing a hood for example.

When you are at work if possible leave together when I leave my office at night I always try to leave with others I work with or students.  The path from your location to your care should be well lit so you should make a note of light poles in your parking area. When you enter your car make sure to lock the door and turn on the headlight immediately this will allow you to see anyone near your vehicle.

Lastly you should invest in a personal alarm such as an alarm key ring or a whistle. This way you could alert anyone around you if you are in trouble.

I hope this is helpful as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal


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