Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mobile Security

We are using more and more mobile devices in today’s world. We use it to communicate check status on social media and to get our news we use mobile devices because of availability and convenience. Since we are depended on mobile devices we must be more aware of mobile security. There are many threats out there we need to take steps to protect our personal information from these outside threats. The fact is in most cases mobile devices have access to location tracking and direct access to bank account information this makes mobile devices very attractive to outside threats.

There are two areas in which a mobile device would be open to a possible threat. Which is either a theft of a mobile device or Malware viruses in either case you can take steps to protect your information.
When you are out in public do the best you can to keep you device in a secure location. Your pocket or purse would be the best place to have your mobile device. All too often I see people placing their phone on a bar or on top of a dining table in public area this is a big mistake. Do not leave your device in an open area as this would make it possible for a person to take your mobile device without your knowledge. Fortunately, if someone does take your mobile device or you leave it in a public location by accident there are 3rd party apps you can use to find your phone after a theft has taken place. For example Avast, Prey and Lookout are apps you can use these applications allow you to get the location of your phone, play a siren so the phone will continue to sound until you tell it to stop, wipe you data clean form the phone and lock the screen of your lost phone.

Malware is the other area in which your personal information could be at risk on a mobile device. I would high recommend keeping as much personal information off your mobile device as possible. Your social security number or bank account information I would commit to memory if you can. When you down load apps for your phone do it from a trusted location use the Wi Fi connection at home, keep your software information up to date. Any mobile app you down load will ask you for permission to access certain information any app that wants access to your contacts or SMS information get rid of it immediately.

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Mark Carvajal 


  1. Hi I'm new to blogger and I came across your blog as I was scrolling next. I just wanted to say your information is very helpful. I enjoy reading your blog and will definitely pass on your advice to my family and friends. Thank you

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