Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Emergency preparedness

A disaster or an emergency can happen for many reasons such as massive flooding, heavy snow, fire, earthquakes and hurricanes. In the even of an emergency it is important to have an Emergency preparedness plan in place. You would have to be familiar with common emergencies in your area to plan for a specific type of emergency but the preparation in any case would be most likely the same.  

Here are some emergency preparedness tips you can use.

An emergency can happen at any time in some cases family member may not be together. The family may be separated during the emergency you should plan a pace to meet at a safe location.  For example if your home be compromised then you should meet outside your home. Another option could be to have a contact person outside the impact area of the pending disaster if possible. This way all family members could contact that person during the event. This person can provide updates on the status of each family member.

All families should have an emergency kit prepared in the event your residence suffers a power loss or if you have to stay indoors for a period of time. Some of the items you would need to have in your kit are batteries, flashlights, canned food, beef jerky or chips, baby wipes, Sternos, matches, and external charging source for cell phones, a back up cell phone if possible a simple first aid pack and any medication. The kit should be placed in a central location so any family member would know where to access this kit. I would high recommend an emergency radio. I used one during hurricane sandy it was helpful to get updates when the power was out. You can purchase one from the Red Cross they cost between twenty five and seventy dollars. When making a kit you don’t have to get fancy a simple empty card board box will be ok but it would be better to use a plastic tote.

The food list I outlined for the emergency kit normally last a very long time I wouldn’t wait until a pending disaster to strike to make these purchases but rather when you see a special or have coupons then make the purchases just monitor the expiration date of the items.

Lastly always prior to any report of bad weather always gas up all personal vehicles and fill up all gas containers for generators that may have to power the home for a period of time.

Hope this help as always please leave comments below

Mark Carvajal 

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