Monday, November 16, 2015

Wireless home security cameras

In this day and age of wireless technology it is a good idea to invest in some type of wireless home security system. A wireless camera is a good investment and there are many wireless cameras available for purchase and installation. The price range for a wireless camera system is about $130.00 to $330.00. In my opinion a small price to pay when you think of the possible losses you will suffer after a home break in.

When making a decision price should play a small role in your choice. What you must consider in your purchase of a wireless camera system is installation and camera placement.  In most cases you can purchase a wireless camera and base station which easily connects to your router at home possible some software installation from the vender and the installation is complete. The camera installation itself is a much different story. Most cameras even wireless will need some type of power source to have the camera operate properly. You would need to have an outlet close enough to the camera and far enough away not to be tampered with so the camera can function. Some cameras are available with a battery power source so this is not a concern.

The last very important aspect to consider is placement of the cameras. You want the cameras to cover the main entrances to the home. The front and back doors should be monitored you want the cameras to be visible to the public as visible cameras are a great deterrent for possible burglars. The staircase leading to any 2nd floor of your home should have a camera places there as well. This will allow you to get a good picture should anyone enter your home.

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Mark Carvajal 


  1. Very helpful article. I recently had a break in while on vacation. Thankfully nothing major but at the same time still scary to think someone was in my home, my safe zone for myself and my family. I'm looking into a home security system now, any suggestions?

  2. Hi
    And thanks for reading my blog I am sorry about your recent break in I know the feeling as far as recommending a home security systems there are many out there to choose from. This would depend on you area what are you protecting … normally the first floor of the home would need to have at least a motion activated senor and door contacts on front and back doors. Strangely enough when a theft breaks in the home they leave through either the front of back door in most cases.
    Bottom line a home with a security system is least likely to be broken into then a home without one. I will be rating home security systems in a later post.


  3. Very deep information about Wireless home security cameras,I think its very hopeful and important post.
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  4. Hello

    Yes I couldn’t agree more.. wireless security cameras provide a way for a home owner to protect their home and record any events which can occur in burglary.

    Thank you for your comment