Saturday, January 16, 2016

Credit Card Skimmer

In recent news we have heard about Credit Card Skimmers. This is a device which is attached to a machine to take the information off your magnetic strip on your ATM card or credit card. Whenever you use an ATM or purchase gas with a card you are at risk. What I found alarming when researching this topic is how easy it easy to purchase a Credit Card Skimmers. The Banks are attempting to use chip-and-pin card to protect their customers from Credit Card Skimming but has not been completely implemented yet. In the meantime there are a few clues left by the Skimming Device on the ATM machine to alert you if a skimming device is attached to the ATM machine.

When you use an ATM check for signs of tampering look for scratches around the top of the ATM or on the screen the reader. If there is another ATM next to the one you are using do a quick comparison make sure the look the same check the card reader carefully see if it is securely attached. If the reader appears to be loose do not use the ATM machine. When a skimming device is attached the skimmers are normally secured with double sided tape. Check the color what I mean is the overall look of the ATM machine if the color of the machine is not exactly the same use a different machine.  On some ATM machine a light indicator will be illuminated on the card reader so if this light is not on use another ATM.

The Credit Card skimming scheme is a 2 step process in order to gain access to your account information they need the information off your magnetic strip which is what the skimming device is for then they need your pin number. So check the ATM machine for is a small hole either over the keypad or on the side of the keypad. There may be a pinhole camera there this is used to see you enter your pin number.  So whenever you use an ATM machine make it a habit to cover the keypad with your hand.

If you feel you have found a skimming device on an ATM machine contact the bank management or law enforcement authorities. In most cases the skimming device will be installed over the weekend in a busy location the reason why this device is installed in this manner is because the banks are closed over the weekend. The theft on your account will not be discovered until Monday morning so be aware.

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Mark Carvajal


  1. Mark i picked up one of your cards while out and i figured i would see what your site is about. Not sure if your familiar with the area but it has been happening a lot in Linden NJ. Learned something by reading your post and what to look for.


  2. Hello

    I do frequent the Linden and Rahway area which is one of the reasons I decided to write this post. I am glad it was able to provide some insight on what to look for when using an ATM that may have been tampered with

    Thank you for the commenting on the post

  3. I'm not familiar with the area but the article was very helpful and did give much insight to avoid this from happening. Always a pleasure reading your article's. Look forward to more.


  4. Hi John
    Thank you for reading my articles I hope it helps