Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dashboard Cameras

In recent news there has been a huge push to have law enforcement professionals wear body cameras in order to record law enforcement events in the course of performing their duties.  I strong believe in having cameras in as many locations as possible this enables the public to record events with as much accuracy as possible. So I would highly recommend purchasing a dashboard camera for your personal vehicle. There are many reasons to purchase a dashboard Camera for your own personal record of events because as everyday drivers can be involved in anything from a traffic accident to a road rage incident.  However, purchasing a Dashboard camera is not like purchasing any other type of camera you have to be mindful of a few factors when you are looking to purchase a Dashboard camera for your own personal use.

The video play back quality of a dashboard camera is very important there should be no gaps in play back video. You want to be able to play back the video at a moment’s notice especially if you are in a traffic incident.  Some of the cameras are equipped with a small screen so you can play back the video at any time. The dashboard camera uses an SD card to record the video so you can upload a video to your computer save it for later use if necessary.  How much record time do you have will depend on what type of camera you purchase and the SD card you use for recording. While having this camera is great way to record events you want the camera visible to the public. When you install the camera the wires should be hidden within your vehicle you can run the wires along the top and side of the interior of your vehicle.  You do not want someone know you have the dashboard camera because this is a high valued item. Some of the dashboard cameras are camouflaged to look like rear view mirrors others are made very small so that can be hidden on the existing rear view mirror.

The Dashboard camera must be reliable you have to remember your vehicle will be out in the cold and warm temperatures so will your camera. This can have an effect on video quality during play back. The time you would be recording with your camera would be under many weather and time conditions. So you would have to compare video quality for day and night time driving. What you can do there are many reviews on line you can use to see video quality.  Some cameras have a parked feature when the camera senses move movement the camera will activate for a prescribed amount of time.

The price range for dashboard cameras is from $360.00 to $70.00. The high end cameras you are getting a front and back camera with great video quality at the low end you are getting a good camera with just a front view but good video quality.  You can purchase these cameras online or any electronics store. 

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Mark Carvajal 


  1. Hi Mark,

    Great article, i personally have the Garmin Dash cam 10. I absolutely love it. It came in handy when another driver backed into to me and tried to claim i rear ended him. Again love reading your articles they are most helpful and always full of advice.


  2. Hi John

    This is a great example as to why we should consider having dashboard cameras. The camera will always help get the story out with the most accuracy again thanks for reading my articles and your comment ..


  3. Enjoyed this article. I do think there are many reasons to have cameras in your vehicle especially in today's world. From your traffic road rage, hit and runs, to protecting yourself if anyone approaches your vehicle or witnesses on camera for accidents.

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