Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cold Weather Safety tips

The forecast for this weekend calls for dangerously cold temperatures. So for the most part the best advice is to stay indoors and to avoid being outside for long periods of time. The extreme cold weather can do damage to your home not so much when the temperatures low but when the temperature begins to rise. Your pipes can rupture when the temperature rises. There are a few cold weather safety tips you can take to protect your home and your loved ones during the extreme cold weather.

Again I would advise you to stay home during the extreme cold temperatures. If you do have to go outside make sure it is for a short period of time. You must wear layers of clothing hats and gloves are a must you have to keep your body temperature up. If you have pets please bring them inside If for some reason you are unable to bring them inside they should be kept in a warm location with access to unfrozen water for hydration.

Since you will be staying indoors during the extreme cold you will need to keep warm. Those of you who wish to use a portable space heater to heat your home make sure you place the heater on a hard surface. All possible flammable material such as paper, clothing, and curtains should be removed from the area where the space heater will be placed.  Whenever you leave the area where the space heater has been placed it must be turned off. Please do not use the kitchen stove to heat your home.

The main concern when the extreme cold temperature is the possibility your pipes can break.  If your kitchen and bathroom sinks have cabinet doors open them to allow warm air to circulate around the piping. If the cabinets underneath the sinks store chemical cleaning products they should be removed. Open faucets to allow slow drip slight running water will also prevent pipes from freezing. Any outside water sources should be closed off or disconnected if possible.  

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Stay warm

Mark Carvajal 

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