Sunday, February 7, 2016

Uber Safety

One of the most safest and economical way to travel is by using uber. I recently had to use uber to travel to various locations and I must say I was very impressed. The ability to make contact with someone to give you a ride home is great with the added bonus of no cash is exchanged with the driver. You set up an account using a credit/debit card and you are all set. Despite the convenience of uber it did have me thinking about passenger safety while using uber. There have been reports about people posing as uber drivers in the past although Uber has addressed these concerns by making the process of requesting a ride more secure through the phone application. We as passengers should not overlook these safety features to identify impostor drivers.

When you activate the app or call for a ride the Uber app will locate a driver in your area. Once a driver has been selected for you a picture of the driver, his location, type of vehicle with the plate number and how long it will take for the driver to arrive to pick you up. When you get this information take a screen shot and send it to someone. Ideally it should be sent to the person you are meeting up with but if you are just going home send the picture to a close friend or family member. Whenever you decide to use uber make sure someone knows you are using this type transportation.  When the driver arrives at your location you will get an alert letting you know the driver has arrived at your location before you enter the vehicle take a moment and match the license plate with the one you received from uber make sure they match if they don’t do not enter the vehicle and contact the local law enforcement.

When you set up your account do not link you Facebook profile to the uber account. When you do this your picture will be on the account the driver will also have your picture when you request a ride using the uber app.  When you are setting up the uber account it will ask you to program your home address.  The uber driver will also have this information as well, what I did was program an address close to my house so they didn’t have my exact address.

If you have the means request an uber black. The uber black request is more expensive but the vehicles are luxury style and the drivers are very professional. 

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Mark Carvajal 

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