Monday, February 22, 2016

Should kids have cell phones?

In today’s world mobile technology has advanced in so many ways and at some point your child will ask you for a smartphone. Although there are many benefits for children by having a smart phone there are certain risks as well. The decision to provide a smartphone to your child is a very important decision. Some aspects should take into consideration is your child’s age, personality and of course maturity.  You and your child should have a lengthy discussion on this topic because this is a huge responsibility. A mobile device will give them access to almost everything in the world.  The good news is there are few steps you can take to protect your child when using a mobile device.

If you have decided to provide your child with a smartphone you should have a conversation about the purpose and responsibility of having a mobile device has. In this conversation you must be clear that having a smartphone or any mobile device is a privilege and this privilege can be restricted or removed if certain rules are not followed when using the smartphone. At any time they want to download any games application or ring tones they must ask for permission first. Explain downloading games is costly and could expose the mobile device to possible viruses. They should not accept calls from unknown or restricted phone numbers.  A time limit should be set as far as phone usage for example they are not allowed to use the phone an hour before bed time. This is just a guide on how this conversation should take place about the responsibility of having a smartphone. 

Some wireless providers have plans which help parents monitor and control smartphone/cells phone use. The plan allows you to monitor social network usage, see contact list and phone calls. Another great feature by having one of these plans you can lock out the phone from being used. You will have to check with your service provider see what kind of plans they have available. You can purchase mobile monitoring software at round $30.00 the more expensive monitoring is about $90.00.

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