Sunday, March 13, 2016

Live CCTV Cameras

In my post I have discussed the topic of purchasing a camera and alarm systems to protect your home. Fortunately you have a choice on what type of CCTV system or camera system you need to protect your home or business. To make this decision you should have a basic understanding of the camera types so you aware what is available to you. This will help you make the best decision on what camera system will fit your needs. The choice or type of camera would depend on where the camera is placed and what you are protecting. This post will provide a brief overview on a few camera types.  

The most commonly used cameras are Dome cameras they are dome cameras because the camera is in cased in a dome. The dome is shaded out so anyone looking at the camera would not be able to see which way the camera is pointing. The fact that the camera is visible is a great deterrent to criminals. These cameras come in many shapes and sizes. The dome camera has the capable of pointing in any direction.

There are two types of dome camera there is the stationary cameras, the Bullet and C-mount CCTV camera. The bullet camera has a long cylinder they are normally pointing in a direction you want constant monitoring. This is ideal for a door or a high traffic area inside your home or residence. They have dome cameras for outdoor use so they would not be damaged by weather conditions.  An outdoor camera is ideal to monitor a backyard or porch area. The C mount camera is a still camera but you are able to change out the lens to monitor large distances.

The last camera you would consider is a Day/Night CCTV camera.  They capture video in lighted and poorly lit conditions this is why these cameras are ideal for outdoor monitoring.  The Day/Night camera is equipped with LED lights that adjust to the changing lighting conditions and avoids glare which can affect picture quality.  

There are more cameras such as Infrared/night vision camera and much smaller cameras for surveillance type purposes but the list I provided is just a basic list what would be good for home protection. This is just a guide to give you a better understanding of some cameras type are available and their capabilities.

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