Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY ideas for home

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about apartment security. In the post my advice was a mobile security system would be a better idea for a person who is a renter for many reasons the mobility of the security system being one of the best features. In this post I want to talk about some of the pros and cons on some of the mobile security systems available and some of the all in one security system that are very easy to set up in your apartment.

Some of the pros of a do it yourself (DIY) are is that it is not expensive at all. The all in one units are relatively inexpensive and of good quality. All you need to secure your apartment is a basic camera motion sensor and an alarm.  You do not have to pay a monthly fee for the services so there is no contract or additional fees, if there is alarm activation in your apartment you are the point of contact. The rest is up to you to make the proper notification. Since you are the only one who is contacted there is no report to the local authority unless you make the call. I can tell you depending on where you live a false alarm to the local police or fire can be costly. The installation is normally very simple you can do it yourself.

The cons in a DIY system are the way the alarm system in connected. Since the connection is normally through a Wi-Fi service or internet connection they can be disconnected.  Should they be disconnected or interrupted you would not get a signal in the event of alarm activation. My understanding is the local alarm will activate in either case but you would not get a notification. The range of these units is not that great so if you have a camera or sensors in another room then it may not activate due to a low signal between devices. You can purchase signal booster to boost the signal if necessary.

There are devices you can purchase which have all in one capabilities. They are a standalone device equipped with an alarm, an indoor day and night camera, a motion detector and a two way audio. The device will contact you when motion is detected. You could make an evaluation base on what you see on your phone through the app. They are very inexpensive and very easy to set up in your home. The two most popular devices are Piper and Canary.

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Mark Carvajal 

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