Sunday, April 10, 2016

No texting while driving

One of the leading causes of vehicle accidents is texting while driving. This falls under the category of distracted driving. In past post I have written about safe driving one of the ways to avoid an accident is to remove anything that will take away your focus from the road. You would be surprised to know most of the drivers do not find checking their phone for a quick text or responding to a text as a problem. In most cases drivers are confident they can operate a vehicle and text while driving.

There are no shortcuts around texting and driving. Some drivers think by using some safe method in combination with texting you can safely text and drive. Some of the misconceptions out there are if you read a text while driving that this is safer then responding to a text, holding the phone high enough close to the windshield so you can see the road is safe, providing enough space between vehicle so you can stop if needed and finally only texting at stop signs or traffic lights is safe.  Any attention taken of the road or distraction will increase your chances of a vehicle accident do not use any of these methods at all.

The best advice on this topic is to stay off your phone. When you receive a call just ignore it until you get to your destination. There are phone apps you can use such as Live2txt or Life saver mobile. These apps can be depended on the phone user to turn the app on and off or if the vehicle is in motion. When the app is activated the phone will block text messages and ring tones.  You can create a custom message to send to a person who sends you a text while driving. When the mobile phone app is turned off you can retrieve your text messages and voice messages.

please don’t text and drive be safe

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