Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hotel Security

When you are plaining a trip there is so much to think about so much attention is spent on getting ready for a trip. Especially if you are going away for a long period of time what to pack where are you going for dinner who are you going to see etc. so the last thing on your mind is security. Unfortunately when you go away on a trip or vacation you have to be mindful of security since this is where you are most vulnerable. You bring all your valuables and identification with you on a trip so as a traveler you have to take a few steps prior to your trip for your protection.

When you looking into where to stay in you do some checking when you checking the amenities and rates deals take a few moments and check the area of the hotel. You want to know where the local police station is and if the local police station is not nearby then what type of security measures are available at the hotel. What type of neighborhood is the hotel located in? The hotel should have some type of security information on their website however if not call ahead and ask.

When you are checking in or when you make a reservation request a room between the 3rd and 8th floor. A room on the first floor would be an easy target for theft another reason is in the case of an emergency you may have to use a window as an exit you want the fire ladder trucks to be able to reach your room. If the door to your room leads to an open areas like a parking lot for example ask to have a different room where the main door is within a courtyard you want the door not to lead immediately out to the street. After checking in to your room look around check of the room make sure the door and the window can be secured. A room with a sliding door asks the hotel to provide adjustable windows security bars if not use a chair. Lay the chair flat so the back of the chair is on the floor and the leg and back rest are jammed in the opening of the sliding door this will keep the door from sliding open.

When you decide to go out and sightsee leave the TV on in your hotel room and also put up the “do not disturb” sign on the door. This will give the impression to everyone that you are in your room. This will give the impression you are in your room. Please consider using the hotel safe to secure your valuables. In some cases you may leave valuables at the front desk if you choose this method ask for a receipt.

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Mark Carvajal 


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