Monday, May 16, 2016

Autonomous Robots

I very rarely write about robots or robotics mainly because the area of robotics is not my area of expertise but I was so intrigued by a story I saw on Tech insider a few months ago. The story was about a real life Robocop called K5 security robot the creation of the Knightscope Company located in Mountain View CA. The purpose of this robot is to provide assistance for security and law enforcement professionals in keeping the general public safe. The K5 security robot is capable of to observing activities of the public and reporting it findings back to a central location like a command center for example. Once the central location is notified of an event by the K5 the appropriate response is dispatched. It is the hope of Knightscope Company the K5 Security Robot will be an excellent deterrent in crime.

The current design of the K5 is to patrol an out door location for example a parking lot or a residential street. They are currently deployed in Silicon Valley, California one of the location being the headquarters of Knightscope with more locations on the way. Knightscope is looking to protect malls, colleges and corporate offices according to published reports. When you see the K5 it stands 5 ft tall, and weighs 300 pounds. The K5 is equipped with A GPS locator, 3D mapping, 360 degree HD video, thermal imaging camera, night vision camera, optical character recognition, behavioral analysis, audio recording, Biological, Chemical, and radiation detection and a proximity sensor. The k5 is battery powered and can run on a full charge for about 24hrs the charging time is about 20 minutes. Should the K5 robot be tampered with an alarm will go off alerting security or law enforcement to respond to the K5 location.

The K5 Security robot offers many ways to protect the public and aid law enforcement professional but there some of the concerns about the K5 is  privacy. Some opinions are the K5’s built in camera system the public may lose their privacy other feel the K5 will eliminate or scale back on jobs in law enforcement or security. Once they have found an answer to this concerns I am sure you will see the K5 robot in public location near you.

I found this article interesting and just wanted to share I posted a video you can see here

Mark Carvajal 

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