Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beach Safety

When the summer is here we love to hang out by the beach and have fun. I ‘m not much a simmer but I do like to get some sun and listen to the relaxing waves of the water plus increase my vitamin D intake. When I do go to the beach I like to go alone during nonpeak hours during the week in the middle of the day. If you are like me and like to head down to the beach on your own there are a few security tips to keep in mind while you are at the beach. These tips would apply if you are just going to your local beach for the day or if you are away on vacation.

When you leave your house take only what you need. Some money, credit /debit card, your cell phone and a form of I.D. if you have to take more then what you need for whatever reason leave any extras stuff in your car. The truck would be the best place to secure your belongings as person passing by can peering through your car window to see what is sitting on the seats. You may want to consider purchasing a waterproof pouch. The pouches are not very expensive and you can go swimming with the pouch attached to your body this would be the best way to protect your belonging. Another option would be to use water bottle to keep your belongings as long the water bottle is not see through it would be ok to use to secure your items. Some water bottles have a strap you can put around your wrist again the water proof pouch is a better option. If you decide to make this purchase make sure you test of the pouch at home before you use it for the beach.

When you are at the beach do not leave your things unattended stay with your stuff. However if you need to leave your things unattended for a minute you might want to hide your valuables in an empty container of wipes or an empty bottle of suntan lotion. A person passing by would not pay too much attention to these low value items so you can secure your valuables inside the empty containers. You can cut a slit at the bottom or cut the bottom off of the suntan lotion bottle then re attach with clear tape. Again the best option is to keep your valuables with your at all times.

I hope this post was helpful as always leave a comment

Mark Carvajal 

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