Monday, June 27, 2016

The actions of a burglary

Over the weekend I found a news story of about a burglar who enters a home through the front window. 

To see the video please click here

The video on how the burglar made entry really displays how a burglary acts prior to a home burglary. What a typical burglar will check before entering a home. This story took place in a town in NJ the home owner took all the precaution in order to protect their home. They invested in a very good CCTV system which was able to capture the actions of this burglary. This video provided local law enforcement with the information they need in order to find this person.

When he first approaches the home the first thing he does is knock on the door. He wanted to know if anyone was home most burglars do not want a confrontation they want to enter your home take want they want and leave without incident. This is why it is important when you are home make to acknowledge anyone who knocks on your door.  When you are not home it would be a good idea to leave a radio on or a TV during the day. This will let the give the impression someone is home especially a burglar if they are up to no good chances are they will just leave the premises. The next thing he does is check the mailbox to see if they mail had been picked up.  This is why you must pick up your mail as soon as possible mail inside a mail box tells people you are not home.

Sometime just doing the basics is enough to deter a burglary. After he knocks on the door and checks the mailbox he starts to check the windows. In this case unfortunately one of the windows was left unlock in which this burglar was able to make entry into the home. When you are leaving your home you should check all the points of entry to the home before leaving. The main entrance, the back door and the first floor windows this is all areas a burglar will check before the make entry into the home so you do the same.  

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Mark Carvajal 

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