Sunday, June 19, 2016

What is heat Exhaustion?

The summer has gotten off to a very heated start. Soon we will be talking about heat waves for days hopefully not but the heat here in NJ is different, you have to be aware of heat exhaustion very different from heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is the beginning of what could lead off too much more serious health problems such as heat stroke if not treated immediately. So we must pay close attention to the changing temperature and plan accordingly to avoid any serious illness. The advice I offer here is just for your information only and this in no way replaces a doctor’s advice. Should you feel any of these symptoms please seek a doctor’s care immediately.

The cause of heat exhaustion is either water or salt depletion so it is very important to stay hydrated during times of high temperatures. Some of the signs of heat exhaustion are but not limited to the following symptoms dizziness, fainting headache, muscle or abdominal cramps, pale skin, sweating badly, and rapid heartbeat. This occurs when the heat index is high the heat index is a measurement of heat normally a combination of the heat and humidity as we know in NJ this can be very high at times. When the heat index is above 90 degrees this is when you have a chance of suffering from heat exhaustion.  There are other factors such as age, health condition and certain medications to take into consideration as well.

When the temperature is high the best advice is to stay indoors some of the towns set up cooling station in cases when do not have access to an air condition location. Should you or someone you know feel the symptoms of heat exhaustion you should drink fluids water is the best stay away from caffeine or alcohol. The person should be moved to a shaded area or a cool area away from the heat if possible, any tight clothing should be loosen to allow cool air to travel. If the conditions persist after 15 minutes then call 911 immediately remember this is the beginning of a possible heat stroke.

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