Monday, July 25, 2016

Electricity outage

We are in the summer season although we will be having days of sunshine for many days there is a chance for a passing storm. When a strong storm occurs you have the possibility of a power loss during the storm. In most cases you may experience a power blip or a power loss is for a short period of time but in cases when the power is out for prolonged period of time you should be prepared to make adjustment to protect perishable items in your home.

Just as with any emergency you should be ready prior to the possibility of an electrical outage.  You must have a plan in place some of the things you want to add to your plan I will highlight here. You can use this post as a guide to create your emergency power outage plan. Such as when you are alerted of a passing storm you should have your freezer full of food and canned food available. Again do not wait until the emergency comes to buy canned food shop around purchase them when they are on special since canned food can be kept in storage for long periods of time.  When you lose power for a long period of time the food in the freezer and refrigerator will be kept safe for several hours up to four hours if the freezer and refrigerator are kept closed.

After a summer storm the temperatures tend to stay hot with no power in the house you have to find a way to stay cool. If possible leave to a cooler location such as a movie theater or a shopping mall. There may be cooling stations in your city or town just check with the local elected officials to know if you have one or not. However you may not want to leave your house then go to the basement. The lowest point in your home tends to be the coolest.  Drink plenty of fluids should you chose to stay home until the power returns.

While you are waiting for the power to return disconnect appliances and other equipment to avoid damaging them in a power surge.  You may want to consider purchasing a surge protector to protect your appliances and computer devices.

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Mark Carvajal 

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