Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hack Mobile

If you have been reading my blogs you would be aware that one of the most attractive devices for a hacker is your mobile device or smartphone. What you may find surprising is your device could be hacked without your knowledge. We are very dependent on our phones to complete many tasks such as banking, reading emails or paying bills. When you complete these types of activities on your device you are leaving digital footprints on your device with all the steps you need to access your accounts. So it would be in your best interest to protect your mobile device from hackers. Here is some good news here in the United States because mobile hacking is very costly not only to you but large companies as well so they all work together  to keep all mobile devices secure from hacking. So here are a few tips on how to protect your smartphone.

When you advertisement for free Wi-Fi at your gym, cafĂ© or airport I would advise you to sacrifice your data usage and stay away from the free Wi-Fi  because of the amount of traffic a free Wi-Fi can be exposed to it would be difficult to protect your phone from malicious programs.  Your smartphone will give you a warning if you are connected to an unsecured connection. You would be very surprised to know how many people click pass the warning the smartphone provides to use the free connection. The decision you make on what you access or deny access to plays a vital role in protecting you devices. You may remember some time ago the DNC or the Democratic National Convention was hacked it was the result of a poor decision by a staffer who opened an unfamiliar email according to media reports.

When you get a notification on a mobile device to update do not ignore the update. Mobile companies are always working on attempting to make your smartphone as secure as possible. However, when you are alerted about an update find a secure location to take in the update. Do not use an unsecure location to accept the update. When mobile manufactures issue an update hackers are made aware of the update as well so they will try to find a smartphone that did not accept the update so they can hack into the device and take the information. So keep your smartphone up to date.

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Mark Carvajal 

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