Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Perimeter fence

In the past I have written in the past about protecting your home although I mostly focus on technical ways to protect your home I am a huge fan of perimeter fencing. A fence provides your home with the first layer of protection this creates a barrier between your home and the outside world. Having a fence or even shrubs trees keeps people out and protects your home from buglers. When you decide to put up a fence or if you have one already in place some fences are better than others. Here some things you should keep in mind when using this valuable layer of protection for your home.

When you have a fence it should not be too tall or completely covering your home. If a burglar is able to scale the fence they will be able to use the tall coverage of the fence for cover while they break in your home. You should have a fence that allows outsiders to see some parts of the home. On this note keep shrubs or trees cut and trim as this could be used to cover parts of your home as well. There are many different designs of fence to choose from you should select one that not only compliments your home but offers some type of difficulty in climbing the fence. Whatever type pf fence you choose you should have signs place telling everyone you have a security system installed in your home. The signage is a much better deterrent to burglars then tall fences with barbed wire.

The idea of having a fence is to create difficult entry points to your home. If a burglar has the choice of breaking into a home with a front door facing the street and a home with a fence they have to climb in order to enter the home the home with no fence will be the most likely target. A burglar wants an easy access a way to get in and the get out as quickly as possible. So with this in mind please remember to keep your entry gate closed at all times. The reason why my home was targeted was an open gate no locking mechanism.

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Mark Carvajal 


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