Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween safety tips

Halloween is almost upon us and we are getting ready to go out trick or treating with our children. Unfortunately we spend more time picking out costumes or masks then thinking about safety. Don’t get me wrong Halloween is fun for all ages but especially for children who are egger to dress up like their favorite superhero or villain. However when we decide to venture out with our children to celebrate Halloween we have to be mindful of our safety so let’s take a moment to thank about our personal safety.

When considering a costume we might want to stay away from wearing a mask.  A mask can obstruct your vision instead consider using face paint whenever possible. The bags you choose to use to collect candy you should have some reflective tape or stickers this will make them visible in the dark. You can fun in safety by allowing your children to carry flash lights or glow sticks when they are trick or treating. The costume should fit well on your child this will help prevent trips and falls when walking from house to house.

Whenever possible please utilize crosswalks and well lit walkways cross the street on corners only. You should teach your children before crossing the street they should make eye contact with the driver. Children should never dart across the street or between parked vehicles.

Those of us who have to do some driving for Halloween we need to slow down. We have to alert in residential areas children are happy and excited so they tend to be more unpredictable in their movements. So take a moment take some time to check for children at intersections, when entering or exiting driveways. Depending on where you live the trick or treating hours are between 5:30PM to 9:30PM so stay alert.

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