Sunday, November 6, 2016

Moving Safety

At one time or another you will be tasked with either moving or helping someone move. There are so many things to consider for example like what do you need and what is old enough to throw away. This topic may not seem like it has to do with security or safety but trust me it does. When you are moving or relocating from one place to another it is in the transition when you are most venerable to some type of injury or when your high value items are in public view.

You have to move and secure your items in a safe manner. So you will be boxing items to get them ready to move however you should only place items until you reach the weight of about fifty pounds. If you are not sure then guess by picking up the box you should be able to pick up the box without too much difficulty. You want to be able to carry up and down stairs and they maybe narrow.  When you lift heavy objects of any kind remember to squat down and use your knees.
There is equipment you can use to help you move things from one place to another such as dolly, moving pads and blankets. Ropes and straps could be used to move a couch or other household appliances. When you are places things in boxes you would need to have packing tape and scissor as well.

When you have picked out a place to move you need to conduct a physical inspection of the location. You need to identify a secure staging area for all high value items and you have to check for any safety hazards that may cause a problem when moving heavy items. The staging area should be inside the home such as a hallway a garage or storage shed.  This would be in case you are finding it difficult to move your high value items inside the home. You can stage them in them in the temporary staging area until they can be properly secured.  When you are checking for safety hazards check for uneven sidewalks or weeds which tend to grow in-between sidewalks. When you notice the weeds have them pulled before moving. Any uneven sidewalks should be coned or chalked so others will notice the trip hazard in when moving. It would be idea to check for low hanging object such as ceiling fans or lights that may be hit during the move.\

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