Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hurricane categories

I write this in the wake of hurricane Mathew we pray for those affected in this hurricane and know they will rebuild to be stronger then the before. We often hear the hurricane categories but do we really understand what they mean? The categories come from the winds speed the weather professionals use the Saffir Simpson Hurricane wind scale. This is how they determine how much damage a hurricane can do. The scale range is from 1 to 5 one being less damaging and five being the most damaging. This does not account for the other factors associated with a hurricane such as the heavy rain, storm surge, floods and possible tornados.

Category 1 the wind speed ranges from 74 to 95 MPH this will result in some minor damage to a property. Generally in these conditions anything left outside such as lawn chairs, tables and garbage cans should be brought inside. There may be some power outages and roof damage in a category 1.

Category 2 the wind speed will range from 86 to 110 MPH this is much more damaging. There will be property damage, great chance of debris being thrown and structural damage to property. The low lying area will experience some flooding. Power outages likely which could last longer than 24hrs. You must make preparations to be without power for a period of time. You should have a supply of water and food at home.

Category 3 the wind speeds will range from 111 to 130 MPH this will result in property damage. Any mobile homes or poor constructed properties can be destroyed during the hurricane. The flooding will be much more wide spread and power outages will last for a few days. In this case make sure you have plenty of water and canned food for at least a few days.

 Category 4 the wind speed will range from 131 to 155 MPH there will be catastrophic damage to property. This will have long term power outages those who are able to stay home should have enough food and water to stay in your homes for a few weeks. You should be prepared to leave your home if the conditions become unsafe in your area. Listen to all weather alerts and follow the direction of your local authorities. If they advise you to leave your home then do so as a category 4 can result in loss of life.

Category 5 the winds will reach or surpass 155 MPH. there will be significant damage to homes, apartment buildings and other structures. Trees will be uprooted or snapped and power outages can last up to several weeks. Expect gas and water shortages during this time. The affected areas will be uninhabitable for weeks or even months.

I hope this was helpful please leave a comment and pray for the people recovering from hurricane Mathew

Mark Carvajal 

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