Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane season

You may find this interesting to know that hurricane season is from June 1 until November 1st.  When notified of a pending hurricane we need to take the necessary measures to protect your home and family. In some cases in when a hurricane is a category 4 a Hurricane can be very damaging so you have much more preparation to complete in order to be prepared for a Hurricane event.  Here are few ideas you can quickly do to be prepared for a Hurricane.

You should get prepared well in advanced of a pending hurricane the most important thing is water. The amount of water you would need should be for at least a week worth for each person. Medication is a must especially if you or an elderly person may need a daily intake of some type of medication you should plan to have at least 30 days of medication available. The storage of the medication should be in a case or backpack in case you need to leave your home in an emergency but follow the guidelines prescribed by the instruction indicated in the medication.  One of the most important aspects of any storm is to have constant updates on the status of the storm so be mindful of the news reports. You would need to purchase extra batteries and portable chargers for your smart phones since you would be able to get much of you updates through your mobile device.

You should always keep your gas tank full prior to any storm. There may be a possibility the gas station could be compromised or you may have to leave your home travel a distance to a safe location. Lastly you should have cash on hand in a power outage you may not be able to access an ATM of a bank for a period of time so you would have to use cash. There is an old saying “cash is king” this is very true in a power outage.

Again this is just a quick few thing you can do prior to a possible hurricane

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