Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elderly home safety

I often write about these topics because I have elderly parent who I care for on a day to day basis. Although they are growing older they want to maintain their independence as they should but at this stage of their life they must be careful on how the perform daily activities. In many cases many accident happen in the home when they are alone. This is why we must tale the appropriate measure to protect items or clearly mark items in the home to prevent injury.

One of the areas of the home which accident can occur is in the bathroom. This is a problem because you are alone in the room with no way to call for help unless you have an intercom system installed. So some of the things you can do to keep your bathroom safe for use is leave the bathroom light on at night. Many times in the middle of the night an elderly person may wake up to use the bathroom and with the light off they may fall or trip over an object. Another option is to use bath aids such as shower handle grips or toilet safety rails to help them when they are using the bathroom. The bath tub should have a non-slip bottom to prevent slipping when the surface is wet.
The faucets should be clearly marked so you know which is cold or hot. You can turn the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees or below. Whenever an elderly person decided to bathe they should do it when someone is in the home. Lastly the door lock in the bathroom should be able to be open from the outside. 

When you have a moment check your bathroom see if you have some of these bath aids in your home this will help prevent accidents from happening and keeping you loved ones safe.

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Mark Carbajal 


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