Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tips for trips

Since the holidays are almost upon us you may find yourself traveling more so to visit family and friends. I have written a few articles about what you can do in order to protect yourself while traveling. The suggestions in those articles were very inexpensive ways you can safe guard yourself while traveling. However with technology always improving there are some technical devices you can take with you to better protect yourself while traveling.  I will highlight some ion this article and in future articles but for now let’s take a closer look at a few items.

One product I have covered in the past is the personal alarm key chain. This is one I highly recommend since when it comes to personal safety this would be the best defense. This is a key chain with a high pitch alarm once the alarm is activated it would scare any would be assailant away.   Furthermore it would bring attention to you so those in the area could help you or contact the police.  This would not be only good for a person who is traveling but if a person who works late or tend to be home alone this is a perfect layer of protection.

Another product I would recommend is a portable door jammer. I know in most cases the hotel room is equipment with some type of door latch. This would add to that layer of protection plus what if for some reason the door latch is not on the door then at least you have some way to prevent someone from entering your hotel room without permission.  I would also recommend this for someone who may have to share a dorm room or if you live alone.  If you live in an apartment with many apartment located in a hallway near yours then you may want to consider having this small device to reinforce your door.

The last travel item I would recommend would be a travel motion detector. This is a portable motion light you can leave it on the side of your bed or hang it on a door. When motion is detected the light will come on. I find this is great when you are in a hotel room and you hear strange noises at night. If you hang this motion detector alarm on your hotel room door if the door is opened then the light will come on. I find this device very well worth the investment.

I hope this post was helpful as always pleas leave a comment.

Mark Carvajal

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