Friday, October 27, 2017

Disaster Preparedness radio

Prior to any major storm it is important to listen to the warnings or updates on storm status. When the power goes out or the cell towers are affected you may be unable to hear the vital updates or emergency evacuation directions. In this case you will have to depend on a radio to get your updates on storm status or evacuation messages. I wrote about preparing an emergency kit for your home prior to any report of dangerous storms. A crank radio or a solar powered radio should be included in your 72 hour emergency kit. 

It is important to note these radios are not for listening to music on the radio or in your backyard while consuming your favorite beverage. These radios are for emergency use only. In order to charge the battery on the radio you would have to crank the radio for about 2 minutes at a high rate of speed the battery life varies depending on the type of emergency radio you purchase. Some radios may charge by using a car charger, AC adaptor or solar panel you want a radio which allows for different ways for the radio to be charged. The more advance emergency radios have a USB ports which allow you to power an external device.

You want the best radio but you do not have to spend too much on an emergency radio to get what you need from the radio service. You just need the basics you want the NOAA alerts and any public alerts. Some radios offer Specific Alert Message Encoding or SAME which allows you to listen to warning for a particular area. 

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