Thursday, November 2, 2017


I was watching the devastation in Puerto Rico and how many are still without water.  Please if you have not donated to a charity which is actively helping restore power and water to Puerto Rico please do so. They are in need of our help the recovery process will be long for the island we must do all we can to help in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.  While I was looking into resources to make a donation I came across a product called Lifestraw. I often write about developing an emergency plan and kit with at least 3 days of drinking water for any pending storm but this product filters contaminants from a water source allowing you to drink clean water.

The company advertises this product for hiking camping and backpacking but I think this would be ideal for an emergency. The Lifestraw itself is small enough to fit in a backpack or an emergency kit and according to the website it will supply one person with drinking water for a year. The Lifestraw itself is simple to use. There is a cap on the top where the mouth goes to keep the mouthpiece clean.

 The other end has a cap but once removed can be placed in a water source then you sip the water. In the hollow portion of the straw is a membrane which traps all bacteria. When you are done drinking your water you blow through the mouthpiece to expel dirty water and you are done. I think it is important to note that although this product removes bacteria from dirty water it will not remove chemical contaminants so stick to natural sources of water to use this product.

I was happy to see the company is actively taking donations and helping in the recovery in Puerto Rico. They make different versions of the Lifestraw different sizes so you would have to make a decision on which one would be ideal for an emergency in your area.

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Mark Carbajal 

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