Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving holiday safety tips

First let me wish you and you family a happy Thanksgiving.. In the  spirit of the holiday I ask you if you haven’t done so please donate to Puerto Rico. The island is still in recovery and they need our help so i ask you to find a reputable charitable organization of your choice and please give what you can.

Many of you would be surprised to know that on this day there is an increase reporting  of home cooking fires. So there are a few cooking safety tips to keep in mind when preparing your Thanksgiving meal.

The preparation area or stove should be clear of combustibles such as packaging or paper towels basically anything that could burn near an open flame. This would include dish towels that may hang near the stove burners. Any pots or pans when in use on the stove the handles should be turned towards the back of the stove to avoid anyone bumping into them. This should be a common practise daily cooking.

I alway recommend having a fire extinguisher near the cooking area in case of a fire but if you do not have one available then you should have a large lid or baking sheet nearby which could be used to smother a flame. I go into more detail on this topic in my Grease Fire Safety post. When you are cooking you should be in the Kitchen at all times to monitor the area if you must leave for some reason shut off all stove burners. 

If you decide to fry your turkey you will be using a fryer. You must use the fryer outside in an open area not on a wooden deck or porch. The fryer should have thermostat controls which must be monitored so the oil does not overheat. Do not over fill the fryer with oil remember when you place the turkey in the fryer the oil will rise too much oil will cause the oil to overflow. Most importantly your turkey must be completely thawed before placing it into a hot oil.

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Enjoy the holiday

Mark Carbajal 

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