Thursday, November 16, 2017

Personal office security

This is the season when things might start to go missing in your office area. This would depend on where you work of course the number of employees in your work location. A large the company normally presents a problem because security is spread very thin in most cases. So you have to be more careful on where you leave your personal items in your workplace. If you work in an open work space with multiple people then it might be harder to secure your personal items.

If you have a traditional office with one entry door then you’re  in good shape much easier to secure. When you leave your office you should always place personal items like your purse, cell phone or wallet should be with you or in a locked drawer behind a locked office door. In the case where you are in an open work space like a cubicle this can be more difficult. I would recommend first bringing to work only what you need such as a wallet/purse and cell phone. If you are able to secure the items in a drawer then do so if not then the items should be with you at all times. If you are unable to secure the items in your work location or carrying them may not be practical then secure them in your car the truck if possible. If you use mass transit to get to work I would inquire if it would be possible to provide an area at work where these items can be secured. Where ever you decide to secure your personal items I would be discreet with where you secure your items. 

The best practice would be to travel only with what you need for the day. In my opinion you do not need much other than your cell phone, ID and a card to make to make purchases. You can see we are moving to a less carry society where all things can be provided even payment by using your phone. So as long as you can secure your phone you should be in good shape.

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Mark Carbajal 

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