Thursday, January 25, 2018

Think before you post.

In this day of Social Media I notice we share way too much on the internet. The twitter, Instagram’s and Facebook of the world I have seen everything from an old couple dancing in the lobby of a casino to people feeling the need to share how many bowel movements they had that day. The need to share the details of your day some are very entertaining others topics at times maybe a little too much. When we decided to share things online we must find a happy medium where we can share things we are proud of and protect sensitive information.

The content we choose to post on Social Media sites must be decided wisely. Especially when thinking about protecting your bank or credit information. What I recommend is checking your privacy settings often any Social Media.  Some social media outlets update their security setting often so be aware of all the safeguards you have access to secure your information. You want to have a good understanding of who could see your post. So update your contacts on your Social Media list at least twice a year. I review my contact list when it’s time to change the clocks as I check my smoke detectors.

Keep personal information personal when you share the names of your favorite player of sports team or your grandmother name trust me when I tell you cyber criminals will use any personal information you post to crack your security questions. Do not post any information on where you bank, or what purchases you make as this information could also be used to trick a bank or credit card representative to verify you as the account holder.

Your profile should be private at all times. When sharing public post be careful of reposting anything public as this information as this could be seen by anyone. You should turn of any location function on your device you could always turn it back on later if you need it for direction or for Uber/Lyft.  I highly recommend not checking in anywhere on Facebook nothing tells someone you are not home like checking in to a location in real time. I have stated this before in previous post but please do not announce your vacation to the world until you are home. This is another indicator that you are not home trust me the world will wait to see your awesome photos of where vacationed at.

I hope this is helpful as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal 

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