Thursday, February 1, 2018

Online dating security

I remember a time when online dating was not very popular now things are different.  More and more of us are using social networks or dating site to meet someone.  If you decide to use one of the popular applications or website to meet someone I wanted to offer some security tips to help keep you safe in the during the online dating process.

The first step is creating an account this is not like setting up a Facebook or Twitter account. You have to be very selective on your username this is how others will identify you online. Your username should not have anything that could identify you as the user. Your surname or place of work should not be used as a user name. Please remember this is a place where anyone can be anybody you do not want to display too much information in the beginning. When making your selection on a username stay away from provocative usernames as this might give off the wrong signal and attract a certain type of attention. This would also apply to the picture or video you post on your profile picture as well. You want to have a nice picture but not too seductive.

When it comes to your personal information keep your details private until you feel comfortable with sharing any personal information. This is when slow is better take your time to get to know the person before you take the next step in sharing more information about yourself. Anyone who is pushing you into providing any personal or financial information about yourself too quickly you should stop communication and contact the dating website immediately to report the incident.

When logging into your account just like with anything other online accounts use a secure method. You should stay away from public access such as shared computers or open Wi Fi connections. When you are exchanging emails if you get an email with an attachment I would delete the email especially if you just started communication as phishing is popular through social dating sites.

I hope this is helpful as always please feel free to comment

Mark Carbajal 


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