Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to report suspicious activity on social media?

We are all familiar with the” if you see something you say something” program which provide guidance on being aware of who and what’s going on in our daily activities. The Parkland and other shooting there were many warning signs from the alleged shooter prior to the deviation which took place in Parkland. Some of us may be unaware of how to report strange or suspicious post we see on the many social media applications. I wanted to provide an overview on a more direct way to report any activity which could be a threat to our safety.  This does not replace contacting your local law enforcement agency on activity you see on social media as always please rely on the experts to determine the level of the possible threat and remember for any emergencies call 911.

I am happy to find in my research on this subject all social media application have taken the appropriate measures to allow the public to file a report on any social media activity which could be consider a threat or suspicious.

We begin with Facebook, Facebook has an arrow pointing down when you click the arrow you can select report post or report photo. You can file a report on any portion on Facebook either on your feed or a photo. Just follow the arrow. Twitter uses the same method you will see an arrow pointing down on each post when you select this arrow the last option will be to report this post.  After you will be ask to provide some information about the post. When complete the information you will be provided with other options on how you can report this post as well.

On Instagram you will see the three dots on the upper right corner of the picture. The first selection is report. You would select this option then Instagram provides you with two options either it’s spam or inappropriate. You would select inappropriate once you have selected this option then you will be given a few additional options such as this phot puts people at risk or this photo should not be in Instagram.

On snapchat it’s a little more involved as you have to go to their snapchat support in order to make a report. Once you get to the support site then you have to select policies and Safety. Then you would select report a safety concern. Then finally select report a safety concern.

This is one measure of how to make a report on suspicious activity. After you have made a report through one of the many social media site you should follow up with your local law enforcement and provide the following information:

Who or what did you see?
When did you see it?
Where did it happen?

I hope this information is helpful remember for all emergency situation please contact 911
Mark Carbajal

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