Thursday, March 29, 2018

Malicious Mobile Apps

In this day of apps usage and there are apps made for everything we have to be aware of the apps we download for mobile use. When a developer creates a mobile app for a mobile device I must share with you that last thing the creator of the app is thinking about is the security of the mobile application. The focus on usage, purpose and ease of use but security if left for last this is not to say that mobile application are unsafe for the most part as a matter of public service they are will respond to any security complains about the application. However by then it most likely too late you want to be aware prior to any possible security breach.  So here are a few clues you may want to look out for when downloading your next mobile app.

When you see an application with the contact from a general email service such as Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail this is the first warning sign. When a web developer has been making an application they normally have been working on the application for some time and would have a more business like email address. Another flag is if there is no contact information on the information on the application there should always be a way for you to make a complaint or a suggestion to the user.

The description of the application should be clear. In most cases when there is a fake or malicious application the purpose of the application is not clear in the description. Do not be fooled by high downloads or great reviews of an application this could be fabricated very easily. So do not be so quick to down load that app do your research.

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Mark Carbajal 

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